Hashthink Podcast: AI Impacts on Startup Ecosystem

Today, We had an interesting conversation with Sadra Shokouhi (AI and Technology expert from Hashthink Technologies), Carl Kirchhoff (AI and technology advisor, investor and serial entrepreneur) and Cedric Torossian (Co-founder of ValueSquared) joining us in a short conversation scratching the surface of AI impacts on startups of today, focusing on ROI, valuations and risks associated with it.


Here are the matters addressed during the podcast:

  • To which extent can we compare the ongoing AI revolution to the digital transformation that has led to the Saas boom?
  • Can we make a parallel between the AI transformation and the digital transformation that has led to the SAAS investment boom (in terms of ROI and valuations)?
  • What would you say are the main differences between the Saas revolution allowed by the digital transformation and the new AI revolution from an investment point of view?
  • AI and big data: AI creates even more need for data but can it allow to create new startups who can use AI to solve some of the key issues of big data, such as their limited potential to create real disruption
  • What is the impact of the international AI regulatory framework? Why do we need one and is Europe creating the right one or just killing potential winners, as the detractors of the European initiatives are complaining about?
  • AI is a great way to scale and potentially increase valuations, when do you think companies should build their AI tech and when should they be better just use off the shelf solutions? What is the impact on valuations of both options?
  • ESG investment means that investors look for an ESG ROI (i.e. a gain for people or the planet) on top of the usual financial ROI (for them), what is the significance of AI in improving this ESG ROI
  • AI can be very useful to help in the decision making process and investment decisions are no exception to this, to which extent should we rely on AI tools to decide if we should or should not invest in a company?
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