hashthink tech due diligence

Hashthink technologies and SevenLegal partner up in de-risking start-up and SME VC investments

Hashthink, is proudly beginning a complementary partnership with SevenLegal in providing Technology due diligence and audit. Tech due diligence includes invaluable insights into technical quality, cybersecurity measures, and compliance, empowering investors to make informed decisions during VC investments, M&A transactions, or partnerships.Hashthink is a rapidly growing tech accelerator offering services…
openai robot

OpenAI ChatGPT Robot is released: figure 1

Finally, OpenAI turned their chatbot into an actionable machine! OpenAI models provide high-level visual and language intelligenceWith OpenAI, Figure 01 can now:Have full conversations with people and discuss thing (can be your own calendar, todos and further tasks in near future)Figure neural networks deliver fast, low-level, dexterous robot actions Everything…

What are the advantages of tech due diligence

Tech DD or Technology due diligence or technical due diligence, is a term to define certain actions and processes to analyse  technology products, architecture, and processes of an organization.What are the use cases of Tech Due Diligence:VCs / Angle Investment purposesMerger and Acquisitions (M&A)Joint venture and partnershipsValuation estimation assistanceIn this…