AI disruption

Top Industries AI Is Disrupting right now

AI is revolutionising a wide array of industries, transforming the way they operate and deliver value. Here are the top seven industries being significantly impacted by AI:Healthcare:AI applications in diagnostics, predictive analytics, personalized treatment plans, and drug discovery are enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. For example, AI algorithms analyze…
Hashthink AI podcast: AI impacts

Hashthink Technology Podcast: AI impacts on Startups: ROI, investments and valuations

Hashthink Podcast: AI Impacts on Startup EcosystemToday, We had an interesting conversation with Sadra Shokouhi (AI and Technology expert from Hashthink Technologies), Carl Kirchhoff (AI and technology advisor, investor and serial entrepreneur) and Cedric Torossian (Co-founder of ValueSquared) joining us in a short conversation scratching the surface of AI impacts…