What are the advantages of tech due diligence

Tech DD or Technology due diligence or technical due diligence, is a term to define certain actions and processes to analyse  technology products, architecture, and processes of an organization.What are the use cases of Tech Due Diligence:VCs / Angle Investment purposesMerger and Acquisitions (M&A)Joint venture and partnershipsValuation estimation assistanceIn this…
realhome realestate staging ai tool

RealHome: Stage your property in 30 seconds using AI

Realhome enables you to stage your empty property via AI instantly within 30 seconds to list for sale / rent. Hashthink has created an AI tool to assist with this time-consuming and costly aspect.Key Advantages: Save days of time your designers need to design the propertySave hundreds / thousands of dollars…


RPA vs AI: which is best for your Organization?In fact, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are two of the most successful technologies for organizations to achieve the seemingly incompatible goals of increasing customer satisfaction and employee morale while reducing operational costs.Let’s take a closer look at what RPA…