We are Hashthink

Web 3.0, Blockchain and Metaverse expert since 2018

We've worked, analysed and developed multiple successful web3.0 projects in the past 7 years. Imagine mixing Web.30 with AI today?


Our Expertise

Blockchain has various aspects that requires years of industrial expertise to be able to implement strategically.
Token / Smart Contract

Smart contract development, audit and security is our specialty whether it is to create a decentralised token or a business logic

Web 3.0 DApp

building DApps that use full or partial blockchain integration to create transactions, e-wallets, content sharing and other real-world applications

NFT and E-wallets

NFTs are great blockchain assets that play a role in maintaining authenticity and credibility of contents. Various blockchains such as Ethereum ErC 721 can be used to build them.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain has various pieces that can be added and utilized in an application to create trust. Transactions, account verifications, wallet creation, transfer of tokens, activity monitoring and etc.

Decentralized Exchange

We have Crypto Exchange white label license to lease and sell to crypto investors, a trustable and secure network to handle large crypto transactions and pairs


Metaverse is a 3D environment in which users can interact and share content for various busieness purposes. we have and can built metavers solutions using latest web and Mobile technologies


A metaverse developed by Hashthink

This metaverse is a SaaS application developed by Hashthink includes various features such as 3D content sharing, meta mask integration, 3D avatar interaction and walk feature, video, audio calls, customizable virtual spaces
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