Tech Audit

Technology Due Diligence

Are you interested in investing into a company or acquiring one? We help you analyse the software, team, standards etc & provide you a summary


Why Hashthink's Tech Due Diligence

Extensive industry expertise

We've been in the development cycle for a decade and have gotten our hands very dirty with various types of teams, apps, websites and industries

Own development and maintenace experience

Hashthink has been helping SMEs and large scale companies to develop and scale. Only team who have done it know how to judge and analyse it best

Bridging Product & Tech

We have an expert team of individuals who can sync business with technology to appraise the entire portfolio as a machine that is purposed to execute a goal.






Due Diligence

All service included

We help you make a good decision with cutting-edge expertise

Leave the technology to us, focus on your marketing and product. That way you can excel

  • Exclusive full-fledged analysis report

  • Pros and Cons clarification

  • Fast and concise delivery

  • Personalized appraisal as per your need