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Technology Due Diligence

Offered by a senior team of programmers and advisors expert in various industries

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Tech Due Diligence Aspects

Code Base & Architecture

Review the source code, architecture diagrams, and technical documentation. Evaluate the organisation and structure of the codebase, versioning, best practices and modularity

Product & Development Cycle

Understand the product development lifecycle and roadmap. Assess the alignment of technical plans with business goals, tools utilized, best practices followed and major weaknesses that could result in malfunction or defects n the process

Infrastructure & Server Side

Review the cloud provider(s) and hosting services in use. Evaluate the scalability, security, load-balancing, availability, and reliability of the infrastructure.


Includes thoroughly examining the system's architecture, algorithms, models, and technologies used. The primary objective of the technical analysis is to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the AI solution while also identifying any potential threats and risks associated (SWAT)

Security & Compliance

Conduct a security assessment to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks such DDoS, XSS, CSRF, etc. Evaluate software protection & privacy compliance, SaaS / white label compliance (if any)

Data Protection & Accesses

Evaluate data protection and privacy compliance measures. Who, how, when, what of accesses. This includes any 3rd party integration (read/write), 2FA, Data encryption, authentication and ACL (Access Control Level). Geo-based compliances like DGPR, ADA etc