1. For customer service inquiries 

Chatbots have been helping customer service teams to automate activity for decades. However, now the use of AI has been democratized further with the use of ChatGPT, businesses are using the tech to carry out even more advanced customer service functions.

Sadra Shokouhi, the CTO of Hashthink emphasises on the value of today’s AI advancement to revolutionise customer service inquiries via AI chatBots

2. Social Media Management

Automating any task is possible today using latest state of the art AI LLM models if integrated with your business. The beauty is created when you mix your business knowledge with publicaly trained data like ChatGPT to automate business tasks such as:

  • Creating automatically curated content for your business

  • Social media automatic commenting and replies to messages

  • Regular API integrations for daly tasks of your business such as using Zapier
  • Automate routine office tasks such as scheduling meetings, setting reminders, or sending follow-up emails based on chatbot interactions.

3. Social Media Management

Managing your brand’s social media presence can be time-consuming. ChatGPT can assist by:

  • Drafting engaging social media content

  • Scheduling and posting updates to social media channels

  • Moderating and responding to comments

This allows you to maintain an active and consistent online presence and ensures your audience remains engaged.

4. Product Descriptions

Effective product descriptions can entice potential buyers and increase conversions. Utilize ChatGPT for:

  • Generating creative and accurate descriptions for your products

  • Addressing potential questions or concerns from customers

  • Ensuring product descriptions are SEO-friendly and well-structured

By doing so, you can optimize your product listings and attract more customers.

5. Content Creation

Leverage the power of ChatGPT for various content creation tasks, like:

  • Drafting compelling blog articles or webpage content

  • Assisting with idea generation and brainstorming

  • Providing translations for multilingual content

6. SaaS tools integrations

Integrating ChatGPT with other tools is really valuable add-on to your software for better data management, moderation and analysis that Hashthink can help you optimize and implement in days! Salesforce, Microsoft teams, Slack and many more are just some examples. Salesforce for instance allows you to:

  • Enhance customer support by automatically answering customers’ queries in real-time

  • Improve sales engagement by providing insights and suggestions

  • Streamline data analysis by generating summaries and trends

To integrate ChatGPT into Salesforce:

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