Canada continues to attract historic multi-billion-dollar EV battery plants as Northvolt finalizes a deal to construct a facility worth $7 billion with investment from BlackRock. The country is now establishing itself as the start of Europe’s EV supply chain with brands like BMWVolvoVWMercedesStellantis, and Ford. Canada’s EV industry is not the only one attracting massive investments; investors are positioning themselves early in Canadian lithium mining companies like Arbor Metals (TSX-V: ABR, FWB: 432OTC: ABRMF) to reap substantial profits.

Canada has already surpassed the U.S. with its EV battery supply chain, as ranked by Bloomberg. Given Canada’s significant spodumene lithium reserves- the largest in the Americas – and its steadfast support from all levels of government, it’s evident why it has secured large investments from investors seeking to cash into the EV transition.

European investors, among others, are investing in Canadian lithium due to its market potential and ability to supply to North American and European EV battery makers at a competitive rate. Canada is already home to several billion-dollar EV battery cell factories built by European automakers and battery suppliers, with a new one seemingly being announced every month this year.

AI analysis suggests an upcoming lithium shortage in 2025 combined with interest in the Corvette Lithium Camp will position Arbor Metals for an 800% stock price rise, given its historic triple-digit annualized growth.

Its strategic mining site in James Bay, Quebec, as reported by Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch, is found directly next to the largest lithium spodumene deposits in North America and other lithium mining stocks that continue to grow despite market conditions.

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7-Billion Dollar Northvolt Plant Secures Canadian Lithium for Volvo, BMW, & Scania

Northvolt is a leading Swedish company renowned for its expertise in manufacturing electric car batteries. Over the past six years, Northvolt amassed over $9 billion through equity and debt, driven by a staggering $55 billion in orders from automotive giants such as BMW, Volvo, Scania, and Volkswagen.

The company is finalizing a deal to establish a new manufacturing facility near Montreal, Canada, with an estimated budget of $7 billion. They’ve successfully secured $1.2 billion from North American backers, including heavyweight investors like BlackRock Inc. and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, as discussions for the factory’s setup progress.

Northvolt and other leading European battery manufacturers are building multi-billion factories in Canada to drive down production costs, bolster their Western market stance, and ensure a consistent lithium supply for domestic needs.

2024 BMW i4 M50 EV

Located within the same province as the planned plant is Arbor Metals (TSX-V: ABR, FWB: 432OTC: ABRMF), connected to the proposed plant with developed infrastructure such as paved roads and an electrical grid along an existing lithium export trade route. Over a dozen other European multinationals have built or are building battery plants near major lithium deposits in Canada.

Canada and Europe Partner Together to Achieve EV Market Dominance

A worldwide shortage of lithium could come as soon as 2025 as demand quickly ramps up. Without lithium, the ambitious assembly lines gaining momentum in regions such as Michigan, Tennessee, and Saxony, Germany, face potential standstills. In the broader context, projected lithium scarcity is forcing European and North American battery producers into mining to maintain their competitive edge.

Canada’s strategic positioning at the intersection of major North American, Canadian-European, and Asia-Pacific trade routes makes it a potential linchpin in the global EV battery market, augmented by pivotal free trade agreements like the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) between the EU and Canada. 

Canada is the EU’s oldest formal relationship with any industrialized country. Through the CETA, businesses in both regions can more easily trade, with nearly 98% of tariffs eliminated. This benefits many companies by promoting robust supply chains, access to essential resources, green technologies, new job opportunities, and lower prices. The agreement upholds social and ecological standards and safeguards unique attributes in the EU and Canada, marking a crucial milestone for EU trade policy and European-Canadian ties.

Canada also offers manufacturing expertise, comparatively lower costs than similar nations and strong R&D capabilities that position it as a global leader in manufacturing. Canadian expertise and efficiency have made Canadian manufacturing costs the lowest in the G7.

EV battery assembly plants are also being built in Europe. However, there are insufficient lithium deposits in Europe that are unable to meet the continent’s demands. European governments have already committed to reducing their reliance on China for EV batteries and materials by 2027. Consequently, European EV automakers are forging advantageous alliances in the Canadian lithium sector and investing billions into manufacturing plants close to Canada’s richest lithium provinces.

With Europe’s supply of “the new oil” being secured in Canada, we will see major positive stock price developments in the coming years for lithium companies that established themselves early in lithium-rich provinces like Quebec, Canada, such as Arbor Metals.

Why Arbor Metals’ Performance Positions It as a Top Investment Choice

Arbor Metals Corp (TSX-V: ABR, FWB: 432OTC: ABRMF) is at the epicentre of two mining claims from companies that have recently experienced substantial stock price surges. The company carves out its operational niche within Canada’s James Bay region through its Jarnet lithium project.

The company now boasts multiple unique claim blocks (South, North, and Northeast) spread across 3,759 hectares, containing 70 meticulously mapped claims. Notably, the Jarnet South Block is a mere 2 kilometres northwest of the coveted CV-5 pegmatite zone in the Corvette-FCI region — the largest lithium spodumene deposit discovered in the Americas.

Little to no land is left in the Corvette-FCI region that hasn’t been bought up. As a result, larger companies such as Albermarle have been acquiring junior mining companies to access this location and its immense lithium deposits. 

Stock prices of companies operating within the James Bay Corvette property, such as Patriot Battery Metals, witnessed triple-digit stock price increases within a year. Arbor Metals is poised similarly, mirroring its peers with a range of factors shaping our AI’s projected 800% trajectory:

  • Remarkable Stock Price Resilience: Arbor Metals has thrived in the market, boasting an exceptional annualized return of 126% over the preceding five years. Arbor’s Beta score, which measures stock price volatility in relation to broader market movements, is -3.67, spanning the same time frame. This means Arbor’s share price trajectory is independent of market fluctuations and trends. 
  • Lithium-Rich Area: Arbor’s Jarnet location is adjacent to multiple proven high-grade lithium reserves. With groundbreaking industrial discoveries, the James Bay region has recently cemented its status as a global lithium powerhouse.
  • Battery Boom: The imminent construction of numerous battery factories across North America heralds an explosion in lithium demand over the upcoming decade. Arbor’s strategic positioning ensures it’s well-prepared to capitalize on this wave.
  • High-Efficiency Lithium Exploration: Arbor Metals and its neighbours can pinpoint high-yield lithium deposits by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as satellite imaging and infrared surveying. Preliminary tests suggest a spodumene concentrate rich in lithium (5.5% Li2O) with an impressive recovery rate surpassing 75%.
  • Eco-Friendly Lithium Gains Government Support: The high-grade lithium in James Bay, which requires only gravity and water for extraction, appeals to the green transition. The environmentally friendly nature of this mining process has earned the backing of the Canadian government through incentives and subsidies.
  • Timely Positioning: Anticipating the future, Arbor Metals recognized the promising location and promptly acquired 3,759 hectares with 70 claims to strategically position themselves. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for competitors to acquire claims, as the best locations have already been sold.

Canada’s Critical Mineral Strategy was released in late 2022 and identified lithium as one of six priority minerals to target for economic growth potential and supply chain necessities. The country’s dedication to sustainable mobility marks its emergence as a critical ally for European auto and battery sectors, establishing itself as an integral component in the EV battery supply chain with a free-trade agreement greasing the rails.

The increasing momentum in Canada’s EV battery and lithium sectors has spotlighted emerging producers with proven stock market success. Among them, Arbor Metals draws investor attention due to its stock’s track record of flourishing independently from market trends and upcoming lithium discoveries within its property.

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