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Key features

Mobile Apps are now highly interactive & integrated with your knowledge base

Types of Mobile Apps

Various Mobile apps based on your needs


Real-Native is a native app development technology that simplifies development of Android and IOS apps by building one and redndering native versions for each

Native Apps (Android/IOS)

Separate development of Android / IOS apps that are tailored for different needs or features. Very useful for niche industries or target audiences


Hybrid apps are faster in developments that you do not build separate for Android and IOS but you're fairly limited to certain features such as sensors and etc

WPA (Web Progressive Apps)

When you wish to reuse most of your web features but enable your users to use it as an app with notifications and related features


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Key Features

Cutting-edge features of our apps

  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Multi-Level Tiers
  • Referral Program
  • Payment Gateways
  • Security (2FA / AML / KYC)
  • Reporting & Exporting
  • Interactive Design and 3D
  • Back Office
  • Real time Analytics & notifications
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